Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

A little while ago I found myself in a reading slump. The books I usually went for just weren’t holding my interest anymore. It was time to move out of my comfort zone and tackle a genre I usually stayed away from … crime! I guess I was emboldened by recently reading (and loving) Red Hill by Jamie McGuire.  I had chosen this book, thinking it would be a gentle but interesting read set in a post apocalyptic world. What I didn’t realise was it was a book about zombies!! This is about as far out of my comfort zone as I could travel and I never would have willingly chosen this as I am terrified of spiders, cockroaches and zombies! 

Back to Gone Girl. This was the perfect choice for my foray into crime reading as it wasn’t gruesome in detail, it was more of a psychological thriller – that I can handle!

I loved every twist and turn in this story as it took me places I never guessed I would go. I am one of those people who like to read the end of the book first but I’m so glad I withheld my desire to do this as it really would have spoiled the experience.

I loved Gone Girl so much that I have now read Dark Places and Sharp Objects, also by Gillian Flynn. These were a little darker than Gone Girl but still very good reads especially for people like me who don’t mind a bit of crime but are not keen for too gruesome an experience.

 Gone Girl is now a major motion picture starring Ben Afleck. I can’t wait to see it as I always like comparing a good book to the movie even though the reading experience seems to always trump the movie experience. I think this is because when you watch a movie you are seeing the story through someone else’s interpretation of the story and it’s not always the way you envision it, which can be disappointing.


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