Crochet Bowls

Crochet has always been a therapeutic winter activity, something to keep busy with on cold nights. Crocheting a rug that simultaneously keeps you warm was how I entertained myself over several freezing childhood winters in the late 70s.  In fact, I was somewhat of a crocheting demon having made a rug, a poncho and a handbag all before my twelfth birthday!

These days I like to amuse myself with smaller, less ambitious projects; and that is why crochet bowls are perfect. You can knock out one of these beauties in an hour if you are dedicated!

I found the perfect pattern on Annie O Crafts.  It is very forgiving, and I should know because I often lose concentration and then I can’t remember where I am up to so I just guess and they always work out.

I have made dozens of these in recent months and now have them dotted all over the house. They are great for jewellery, small plants and assorted bits and bobs.  Give it a go, you will impress your friends but most importantly you will impress yourself!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynette Litster says:

    Hi Angela, I am going to try your pattern tonight. I have using another one but not sure of the end results. Let’s just say, they all have their own personalities! See you soon, Lynette


    1. anghh says:

      I hope this one works out for you Lynette and I think the fact that they are always different just makes them special!


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