Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey


IMG_20140831_101404Let’s face it, some dogs are just a whole lot smarter than the rest.  I still think I have the world’s best dog but I think the world’s most talented dog award must go to Maddie.  Maddie was adopted from an animal shelter by her owner, Theron Humphrey.  Theron openly states that Maddie changed his life.  He took Maddie on a 365 day trip across America and photographed her every day doing things I’ve never seen a dog do! Maddie definitely defies physics in a lot of her photos and it looks like she and her owner had a lot of fun doing it.  Maddie on Things is a heartwarming collection of photographs of Maddie and her owner playing, goofing, relaxing and meeting people.  I loved this book and now continue to follow Maddie’s adventures at @thiswildidea.

The book made me think that maybe I wasn’t challenging Dougal enough and allowing him to reach his full potential so I filled my pocket with treats (bribes!) and set about encouraging Dougal to perform – to ‘get on things’!  Alas, he really wasn’t that interested but I did get him to sit on the outdoor table and put two paws on the besser block driveway edging – maybe this is just the beginning!

IMG_20140831_100437 IMG_20140831_100812

If you would like to read more about Maddie and her adventures or purchase this book for fellow dog lovers, you can get your own copy from here .


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