Rainy Days


Pluviophile: (n) a lover of rain: someone who

finds joy and peace of mind during

rainy days.


This is the view from my office window. It looks wonderful on any day, but on rainy days, it is beautiful.

I never realised there was a word for people who love the rain and now I know I’m a pluviophile! Some people say the rain and cold makes them depressed but it makes me feel happy and energised unlike hot weather that saps me of all energy and makes me want to lie down in a pool of sweat and rest until the heat passes. Rainy days inspire me to do things – even outside. I think we forget that rain is just water – what is the worst that can happen – you get wet!


Peace, love and happiness to all the Pluviophiles out there!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. peta s says:

    I love the rain too. Pity it hasn’t rained here for an age.


    1. anghh says:

      I think we could do with some more too Pets – wet Spring makes for a more relaxed Summer – less chance of bush fires!!


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