Wool Love

I happened upon this wool at my local wool shop and I am in love with it!  I can’t stop thinking up new ways to use it and am wondering if it would be ok if it was the only wool I ever use again for all my weaving and crochet projects!  It’s amazing how prolific I become when I’m on holidays.  I usually get up at 5am and my day of creating begins – blogging, baking, crocheting, weaving – I’m like a crafting whirling dervish!  Each night I fall into bed exhausted and happy because there is no greater feeling then being able to spend the day doing the things you love – in the company of the ones you love! Baby Me Boo Montage BMB2 Pyramids Baby Me Boo Bowl 1 Montage BMB1


4 Comments Add yours

  1. globethistle says:

    Wow. Who knew. I’m going to call you Martha.

    Josie Farrell Sent from my iPhone



    1. anghh says:

      Ha! If only! I am on holidays and seem to be working harder than when I’m at work but I love it. I’ve sold 4 weavings this week 🙂


  2. peta s says:

    Fabulous Ang. That yarn looks amazing. I didn’t do any knitting this winter, it just wasn’t cold enough up here to get me inspired but I think if I’d come across a skein it would hae been a different story.


    1. anghh says:

      Thanks Peta … From what I’ve seen of your gorgeous sewing projects I can’t imagine you’d have time to knit!


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